Find Mobile Phone Application - Android and Iphone Software.

Losing your phone can be quite the traumatizing experience, especially considering all the information our cell phones carry these days. So many elements have been combined, consolidated and made redundant by the modern day smart phone. So, what do you do if you find out that you have lost your phone and are likely to be losing your mind? We can all admit it can be quite the panic stricken two minutes of our lives when we lose it, and then find the phone just sitting harmlessly on the edge of the best buried under a couple of sticky notes.

There is, of course, an answer to your prayers in the form of an application. This application is designed to find iPhone wherever you may have lost it and as long as the phone has a connection to the internet. Therefore, when starting out by setting up this precaution in your phone, you must make sure that your phone always has access to the internet, in order that you may locate it with ease when you are out and about. For instance, update your mobile package to have a decent mobile data package so that when you are out your phone always has an internet connection established and maintained.

There are similar applications available for all the different mobile software and companies so that no matter which phone you happen to posses, you do not end up losing it, or even if you do lose it you, you are able to find Android phone or whichever phone it is that you own. However, in order to be able to locate your phone, you first need to understand how the application works.

How to find phone by using the internet?

In order for you to avail the benefits of using the find my iPhone application, you will firstly need to activate the application in your phone after downloading and installing it. You can do this simply by accessing the settings on your device, selecting the find my cell phone application and simply turning it on from there. The process should be relatively similar when using find my phone Android, so you would be easily able to grasp it no matter which kind of phone you are using.

When using iPhone find my phone application, rest assured that you can find your phone using the internet as long as you have activated the application within the phone, or whichever Apple device that you are looking for. As the application is backed up on to your iCloud, you need to access it using the internet on any device that you have at hand. Log in to your account and pull up the main menu for your Apple find my phone application, where you will find the location of all the devices you have paired with this account.

The location provided will be on the map and so you will get the exact visual that you need of its location through the find my phone online version. From there you have three options; to make your phone make a sound such as vibration or ringtone that would help you find it if its at home, to provide a number on your lost phone that the person who has it or finds it can call to get the phone to you, or lastly, to delete all the information on your phone if you feel that the mission to find your phone is hopeless.

How to find iPhone by using another Apple device?

It is quite easily possible for you to use your iPhone or iPad to access your iCloud find my phone set up and therefrom locate your lost device. The find my iPhone app is truly a saviour for someone who is forgetful or relies too much on their phone to risk losing it for all eternity as well as the data within it.

In order to find your device, you must first learn how to use find my iPhone application. It requires that you open up the application, and make sure that you do not turn off find my iPhone from there for then you will be completely hopeless and may well kiss your phone goodbye. With the find my phone application turned on, you then access your iCloud account and it will display for you the location of all your Apple devices that you have registered on your iCloud account. This first view will be a consolidated over view of their location.

You can from here again take three different steps, depending on your preference and the situation. If your phone is being displayed as being right at home, but you can’t recall where so don’t know how to find my iPhone, you can command it to make a sound that will help you find. Alternately, you can provide a number on its lock screen which the finder can call on and get the phone to you, while lastly you could delete all the information on your phone through Apple find my iPhone so in case you think that your phone is beyond the hope of being found.

Locating your Android phone using find Android application

Finding your iPhone may be an easy feat to manage with the above guide, but if you don’t own an iPhone then you are at a complete loss. How to find a lost Android phone may have been quite a conundrum for you then, but with Android find phone application you can find your cell phone no matter which kind it is.

The best find my phone app for Android work in a similar fashion to each other, as well as in a similar manner as the iPhone version. You will first need to access the settings of your device and switch on the features of the application, including the features that enable you to remotely access the device and make changes to it, if or when need be. With this switch activated, you can now easily locate your phone should you happen to lose it or if it gets stolen from right underneath your nose without your knowing.

You must first log on to your Google account, in order to find your phone Android. From there you must press the accept button to enable it to use the location information. It will then display to you the location of your device and you will have the similar options of making a sound emanate from your phone, or erasing your information so that no one can have it. You can, additionally, lock your phone so no one is able to break in to it until you are finished removing your information from it.